Are You Local?
We are a LOCAL service for
LOCAL Businesses didn’t you know?

Choosing Fab Spider as your LOCAL Service Provider instead of the larger commercial companies has many benefits! Here are the best reasons why you should choose us over a large commercial supplier.



A lot of people believe that the best deals can only be found online. However, you might be surprised to see just how competitive our prices are. At Fab Spider we can actually provide like for like deals, if not better. Find out what we can offer you first before checking online.


The fantastic thing about Fab Spider is that it’s run by (local) human beings not by boards, stockholders or algorithms. Many commercial businesses do have good customer service, but you won’t beat the personal touch we provide at Fab Spider. Being local, there is probably a good chance you know a member of our team. We can guarantee a personal service right from the initial meeting with you to the support you need throughout your contract. Building relationships with local customers goes further than just a purchase. It is also worth remembering that we have solutions that will work based on customer’s preference.


It’s important to know that if anything was to go wrong you have a local company to go to, someone to talk face to face with. Large commercial companies will often provide you with a phone number for their customer service team, which is often not in the UK, and make you wait for what seems like an eternity until you get to speak to someone. This simply is not the case with a Fab Spider. We prefer to meet up face to face, rather than on the phone, and find out exactly how we can help fix your problem.


By using Fab Spider’s services over larger rivals is somewhat of a “British tradition”. Unlike other countries, who have allowed the commercial companies to completely take over, Britain has always tried to keep the focus on local businesses. We can be a stubborn country who likes to keep our traditions going for as long as possible, and in this case we are right to do so.


As a local business, find out more about how Fab Spider can help your Business by calling one of our (local) experts today on 01422 822 122.