A Secure and Scaleable Network Drive with access anywhere

A Cloud Network Drive is a cloud storage solution for Businesses that need secure shared data. It’s great for Businesses looking for an easy way to move their on-premises files into the cloud or merge their individual OneDrive folders into a shared area to store archive files internally. Hosted by Fab Spider, Your Cloud Network Drive sits on your computer’s desktop as a Network Drive and with options of 100GB to 1TB – you will never be short of storage.

Store you critical Business files securely in the cloud for one fixed monthly price with Fab Spider

There are lots of various pay-as-go costs offered on the current market and we help Businesses save time and money with one fixed monthly subscription cost. Time and money spent searching the internet is time lost on Business productivity. We understand how important your time is and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Benefits of a Cloud Network Drive with Fab Spider


Having a software-based system and one fixed monthly cost you automatically remove variable costs such as hardware, power, security and site to site moves or changes. We can install the software remotely from our offices or on site. A one off call out charge for an on site installation will apply.


Your storage can be upgraded or downgraded at no extra costs. The monthly cost will go up as per the plan. If you start with 100GB and you are nearing the limit we can upgrade you to 250GB. Likewise you can downgrade – making sure the lower storage capacity has enough space to store your files.


The monthly fixed cost is per driver NOT per user. That means you can add/remove users quickly and easily. You will also be able to modify their storage amount and security permissions. Each user will have easy access to the shared Cloud Network Drive.


We install an easy to use, familiar desktop application that enables you to go direct to File Explorer to locate your files. You can access your data on the drive at anytime anywhere while connected to the network. You can save files within your personal folder and then copy it across to the drive so it can be replicated.


Moving your critical business files to the cloud is a safer and more secure long term solution. Viruses and malware threats are 30% more common in on-premise data centres. We continually keep our security updated to combat the ever evolving cyber threats. As the Cloud Network Drive is hosted by ourselves – we replicate all data three times.


Fab Spider is based in Ripponden near Halifax. You will always be able to speak to one of our experts if you have any questions or issues with your Cloud Network Drive. Your data is stored and backed up within Fab Spiders UK based data centre. Back ups are daily with a 180 day retention period. To retrieve the data at anytime call Fab Spider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Business need this?

The Cloud Network Drive is an easy and secure solution for your Business to store critical/sensitive files in the cloud with easy access for multiple users. If you have multiple files you need to keep safe and share with multiple employees then a Cloud Network Drive is the best solution for you.

How do I purchase this?

The Cloud Network Drive is provided, provisioned and installed by Fab Spider on to your desktop. There is one monthly fixed price based on the storage size you need. from 100GB to 1TB. it is possible to have more than 1TB for example 2TB – which would be the cost of two drives. There is no maintenance, hardware or power expenses keeping your monthly costs down.

Is there a way to demonstrate this?

Yes. We can come and give you an on-site demonstration. Please call our office on 01422 822 122.

How many users can have access to the drive?

There is no limit on how many users you can have access to the drive. However, consideration should be given to the amount of storage required per user before you decide on the storage size you select. You will also be able to modify their security permissions. A username and password will be provided for each user.

Where is my data stored and is it safe?

Your data is stored within Fab Spider’s data centre. Your data will be safe as all Cloud Network Drives utilise LRS (locally redudant storage) so that data is replicated three times within the same data centre to ensure durability, integrity and high availability. Back ups are daily with a 180 day retention period. To retrieve the data at anytime call Fab Spider on 01422 822 122.

For a secure and easy to use cloud storage solution call Fab Spider today for a FREE DEMO.