If you are a small Business…

It is becoming very popular now with most businesses to have phone system functionalities such as Music on Hold, Call Queues and Voice Menu…

For example “press one to speak to a receptionists…”

Yes I know what you’re thinking

“It is only big companies with lots of employees in different department that needs this kind of fuctionality…”

THIS IS NOT TRUE! If you are a small business (or even a one man band) our cost effective solution allows businesses of any size to use these straight away with any of our cloud based phone system installations.

It is all done using our web-based control panel right here at Fab Spider.

  • NO specialist software to install
  • NO large upfront costs
  • NO technical expertise required.


If you’re looking to switch to a Cloud Based Telephone System with Fab Spider call one of our experts today on 01422 822 122 or click here to arrange a FREE demonstration and get a quote from Fab Spider. We can create a bespoke package tailored to your business needs


We can provide you with any area code in the UK. For example, if your business is based in Halifax, we can still give you an 0113 Leeds phone number or even a 0161 Manchester phone number. Better still – have both! You won’t be restricted by your businesses current location and reach out to new customers in different parts of the UK.


A call queue places incoming calls in a queue whilst employees are busy with other calls. It tells the customer what number they are so not to lose a potential client. Call Queues can be highlighted on the VoIP phone. Once a line becomes available, the waiting calls can be answered.


Voice menus within a phone system can help direct your caller to the correct department. As an example; Press one for reception. Press Two for Support. These can be tailored based on your business departments.


Voicemail is a digital answering machine. You’ll be alerted to a new voicemail either via email, light indication, or a notification. You also have the option listen to your voicemail messages from your desk phone, mobile or email inbox.