Have you been hit by
A Scam Call?

Broadband customers are being Warned!

Some of our broadband customers have reported of scam calls they have received recently. We have urged our customers to hang up immediately to avoid being hit with huge charges. This is a new scam designed to panic you by claiming there is a problem with your internet service.

Customers who take the wrong action can be tricked out of serious sums of money.

The ploy is to send an automated message to your business landline.

This urgent message is seemingly from the internet provider or even the telecoms regulator Ofcom, telling you your broadband connection is about to be cut off.

They are told to ‘press 1’ on their phone keypad to speak to customer services resulting in victims being connected to a high-cost premium number where they will be kept hanging on the line – the charge for which will later appear on their phone bill.

Such premium numbers can cost up to £3.60 a minute – so £36 for a ten-minute call. This is in addition to a landline provider’s usual ‘access charge’ of perhaps 15p a minute.

Callers who see a suspicious charge and number on their bill should contact their telecoms operator immediately and query it.

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