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Digital Receptionist

With a professional digital receptionist, you can make a great first impression on a potential customer.

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Automate and streamline incoming calls

Give your customers a great first impression by quickly and efficiently routing them to the relevant department. For example – “For sales, press 1. For support, press 2”.

Replacing the human receptionist by automating and streamlining incoming phone calls makes it a very practical and cost-effective solution for your business. Every call is important to your business, so with a digital receptionists no calls will be missed and customers put through to the right person.

Why do you need a digital receptionist?

Discover how a digital receptionist could help your business.

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Cost Effective

Your customers will be left impressed which is good for your companies brand and reputation.

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With a digital receptionists money can be saved on recruitment wages and training costs. No training is required for a digital receptionist, it’s good to go straight away.

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Quality Service

Give your customers a consistent and quality service. The digital receptionist filters callers to the right department, meaning you have less misplaced calls.

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24/7 Call Handling

Digital receptionist can handle all your calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving you the peace of mind your phone calls are being dealt with effectively even in out of office hours.

But wait, theres more…

Get everything you need to make your business phone system yours.

Young women listening to voicemails and call recordings on computer through 3CX

Call Recording

Improve your businesses customer service, train your staff, and more all with Fab Spiders call recording solutions.
Businesswoman is listening to on-hold marketing on the phone and taking notes

On-hold Marketing

Keep callers engaged and up to date with your business whilst on hold.

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