There’s always someone willing to do it cheaper

Don’t let the price be the only deciding factor when you choose a web designer, the cheapest quote isn’t always the best! Yes, there’s always someone willing to do it cheaper but at what cost to you and your business?

You’ve decided to get a business website and you have a clear vision of what you want it to look like. But your first question is “how much it will it cost?”

Like everything else in Business you get a few quotes. The cheapest quote isn’t always the best. The picture above says it all. Get the website you want for the right price.

Here is some factors for you when considering the price of a website…

  1. The kind of website are you looking for? It maybe a just a blog? It maybe be a Business Website with a few pages or an e-commerce site to sell your products online.
  2. It needs to have a strong, branded design with a good web presence.
  3. It needs to meet your clients needs and keep viewers interested and ultimately find what they are looking for.
  4. It needs to be responsive as more people are viewing websites on different devices such as mobiles and devices.
  5. SEO is important to any business that operates online, but many don’t realise that search engine optimisation needs to be built into the web design process

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