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Wave goodbye to slow Wi-Fi with our high-performance Access Points.

Having enough Wi-Fi coverage is critical to a company’s efficiency. From e-mailing and making phone conversations to file sharing and communicating with clients, you’ll be able to do it all. Ensure that your entire office has access to fast, dependable Wi-Fi.

Just a few of the companies that have entrusted us with the installation of our Wi-Fi access points.

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Easily move from room to room without being interrupted by the Wi-Fi.

Our Wi-Fi access points allow you, your employees, and your visitors to move freely from room to room without being interrupted by the Wi-Fi. Our Wi-Fi access points are ideal for businesses with huge workplaces where the router cannot reach a substantial portion of the space. When using our Wi-Fi access points, your devices can effortlessly switch from one access point to the next as you walk about the facility without losing their connection.

When it comes to keeping your employees and visitors satisfied, no matter what type of business or organisation you have, you must meet all of their requirements. That’s exactly what our Wi-Fi solution will do. Our Wi-Fi access points can be used by pubs, restaurants, and multi-story office buildings.

At a glance

Up to 60 simultaneous connections per access point

Roam freely in large office buildings

No network interruptions

Can be installed indoor and outdoor

Improving your Wi-Fi connection

Discover some of the key benefits you will enjoy with Wi-Fi Access Points

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Easy to manage

Wi-Fi access points are designed to be installed and managed easily and we monitor your Wi-Fi remotely, so you know that we will be able to fix any errors swiftly.

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There is no limit to the amount of Wi-Fi access points you have so when your business space grows we simply add a new access point.

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Indoor and outdoor use

Being waterproof means they can be installed in outdoor spaces too. An ideal solution for beer gardens, balconies and patio areas and other outdoor spaces.

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Guaranteed Wi-Fi

Guaranteed Wi-Fi for everyone with 60+ users getting access at any one time. No waiting around for card payment machines to connect either.

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No drop outs

As you walk around, your device will shift seamlessly from one access point to another without dropping the connection.

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Low visibility

The sleek and minimal design allows the Wi-Fi access point to blend in to their surroundings and ideally mounted on ceilings out of sight.

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